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Paolo Berger

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Primo Tecnologo
  1. General Certificale of Education issued by the Trieste Navigation School, (Deck Officers) in summer 1972 
  2. Graduated in Geological Sciences on March 20th 1980 at the Trieste University with an experimental thesis in physical oceanography; 
  3. Graduated in Coordination of Civil Protection Activities on November 12th 2009 at the Perugia University with a thesis in informatics;

After first experiences at sea as Deck Cadet on board of merchant marine vessels, he entered in the Italian Naval Academy and then served as Officer on the Italian Navy hydrographic vessel where he was mainly involved in hydrographic and oceanigraphic data acquisition. At the end of the National Service he continued his studies at the Trieste University. In the same time he has been apponted as assistant teacher of Navigation at the Trieste Navigation School.

After graduation he entered at OGS where he  took part, mainly as Party Chief  in a great number of  projects in Italy and abroad, increasing his specialization in any kind of research at sea (mainly physical oceanography and then marine geophysics). The gained experience and the appointment as Coordinator  of  many operative groups at the OGS gave him the opportunity to frequently cooperate in the submission of offers, drawing  up of contracts, costs evaluation and the global management  of the OGS research projects.

He was involved from the beginning in the OGS activities in Antarctica and has been Party Chief during the first campaign in Antarctica of the r/v OGS EXPLORA.  For the following 17 years he has been Operation Manager for all the OGS activities in Antarctica and Technical and Operations Manager for the r/v OGS EXPLORA. In this position he had the opportunity to interact with shipowners, maritime agents, shipyards, shipping companies and other operators involved in the maritime activities, gaining an excellent experience in international logistics management and in all the technical aspects of any kind of work at sea. In the meantime he had frequent contacts (also at the highest levels) with National and International Authorities to clear some administrative problems related to the speciality of the vessel and to obtain the permits required by the local Governments to perform research activity at sea in their National waters.

In more recent years, he worked as Physical Oceanographer at the Marine Biology Department of the OGS where he has been involved as Operation Manager in all the marine data acquisition activity, he cooperated with the Director of the Department in the Department Management and became interested in the  problems of safety at work. In the meantime, mainly for personal interest, he achieved  a degree in Coordination of Civil Protection Avtivities at the University of Perugia.

Finally, at the end of October 2010, he was transferred (on demand) to the Safety Office of OGS where he presently works assisting the Head of the Prevention and Protection Service. In this new role has contributed significantly to the drafting of the Risk Assesment Document, and to the preparation of various Emergency Plans. He has just completed the drafting of the Chemical Risk Assessment Document.


Capacità e interessi: 

He has always been attracted and interested by all the instruments and technologies related to marine data acquisition and more in general by any kind of activity at sea.

Due to his very great experience of work at sea ( over 40 years)  he is able to understand and to deal, even if at different levels, with any problem related to the sea.

Since the beginning of his career at the OGS, he has performed his duties with increasing independence.  This autonomy has been strengthened with the tasks related to managing personnel and complex projects he had followed and coordinated, with the responsibility for managing the r/v OGS Explora  and finally with the participation in the management of the Departments GDL and BIO and with the present position at the Safety Office of OGS.

The sea represents  his main  interest also in his private life.

Major projects: 

GASIL - Central Mediterranean Oceanographic Campaing (year 1982);

DIGOT - Oceanographic Researches in the Gulf of Trieste (year 1985);

SISME - Geophysical survey in the Strait of Messina (years 1985 and 1987);

Involved at various level (technical, scientific, logistics, management) in all the OGS activities in Antarctica from 1988 to 2004;

ECOMADR - Multidisciplinary project in the Gulf of Trieste (2006 - 07)

Lingue parlate: 
Italian, English and some elements of German and Spanish