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Board of Auditors

The Board of Auditors is composed of three appointed members—chosen among the magistrates of the Corte dei Conti (Court of Auditors), managers of the Ministry of the Education, Universities and the Research, experts of the Ministry of the Economy and Finances—specialists, who perform the internal auditing: look after the checking of accounts; verify the regularity of the bookkeeping and reliability of financial reporting; examine the financial forecasting budget—along with the variations to it—and the consolidated financial statement; and  perform reconciliations.

With deliberation 110  dd. 30.12.2020 the following have been nominated in the Board of Auditors of the OGS for a four-year term 2021-2024:

- dott. Antonio Musella (Presidente del Collegio)

- dott. Paolo Cibin

- dott.ssa Sara Rossi