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OGS is fully aware that, both within the EU and Italy, it is fundamental to actively intervene in the field of research infrastructures, including the e-infrastructures. Research infrastructures boost cooperation and the multidisciplinary character, the mobility of people and ideas, they gather the best European and world scientists and strengthen scientific education.

OGS aims at intervening in an effective way in the field of research infrastructures and therefore undertakes the following main objectives:

  • Promoting and attending cutting-edge research infrastructures at international level, together with other scientific institutions making them as much accessible as possible to researchers to fully exploit their progress and technical/scientific innovation potential;
  • Promoting the innovative potential of research infrastructures and their human capital, encouraging the use of cutting-edge technologies, the promotion of Research and Development partnerships with the industry sector and boosting the creation of innovative aggregates;
  • Strengthening the human capital thanks to the establishment of a high level education for a new generation of researchers, promoting the cooperation between different subjects;
  • Supporting the education and exchanges of the research infrastructure managing and administrative staff;
  • Strengthening the capacity of the territory to prevent and manage natural disasters thanks to the monitoring and development of computerized infrastructures for the management of the risk.


Research infrastructures

OGS is particularly active in the following research infrastructures, part of the ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures):


OGS infrastrucures and laboratories

OGS manages important infrastructures/laboratories of its own property such as: