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Scientific Council

There are, associated with the Scientific Council, 7 members who have a high scientific profile. 

The three  internal representatives of OGS, elected on 30/03/2020 are:

  • Angelo Camerlenghi, OGS - Division of Geophysics;
  • Simone Libralato, OGS - Division of Oceanography;
  • Angela Saraò, OGS - Seismological Research Center;


External members are:

  • Icarus Allen, Chief Executive of Plymouth Marine Laboratory – Plymouth (UK)
  • Marco Bohnhoff, Professor for experimental and borehole seismology at Freie Universität Berlin - Berlin (Germany); GFZ: Head of Section 4.2 Geomechanics and Scientific Drilling
  • Catherine Boyen, Senior Researcher CNRS, Director of Station Biologique - Roscoff (France)
  • Satish Singh, Researcher at Institut de physique du Globe (IPGP) – Paris (France)

The Scientific Council is called upon to express its opinion on the 10-year-Document of Strategic Overview (DVS) and the 3-year-Plan of Performance (PTA), on the scientific and technological organization of the Institution and—when required—on every other topic of scientific character of relevance for the Institution, by formulating proposals and recommendations, also in view of favoring the European and international dimension of research, and of stimulating innovation and transferral to the productive field.