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TECDEV - TEChnological DEVelopment

Involves skills related to the development of innovative technologies for acquisition, processing and interpretation of oceanographic data, the management of observational networks for the purpose of operational and experimental oceanography, with particular attention to weather and sea buoys, maintenance of measurement systems and management and installation of the equipment.

Within the group TECDEV are active, with their autonomy:
The Oceanographic Calibration Centre (CTO), which represents the technical and scientific infrastructure needed to perform observations of the marine environment in line with international standards. The CTO performs calibrations and performance checks of single and multi-sensory probes of oceanographic sensors, also at the request of external customers;
The mechanical workshop (OFFMEC), which supports the activities of management and installation of oceanographic instrumentation and organizes access to the workshop in the light of the indications of the RSS, identifying priorities in the implementation and development of the equipement.