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Lyuba Novi

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I am currently a Research Fellow within the HPC-TRES Program (Ogs-CINECA), in which I am working on high resolution simulations of convective processes in the Earth System.
I am interested in developing and implementing numerical models for applied-multiscale fluid dynamics, with a particular focus on the following areas :
   - Geophysical fluid dynamics, Mesoscale and Sub-mesoscale dynamics, Oceanic processes,Turbulence modeling across scales, Rotating convection and plumes dynamics, Transport phenomena, ... 
   - Arctic regions processes

   - High Performance Computing and programming

   - Small scale fluid dyamics (Re<1)

   - As a collateral activity I am also interested in modeling the fluid dynamics of small-scale natural swimmers, with applications to minimally invasive bio-engineering and micro-smart devices for Non-Newtonian environments.

My research activities ultimately aim at enhancing the knowledge of some physical phenomena connected with climate change, life sciences and engineering, as I hope to help improve the quality of life in full compliance of environment and people. 
Please feel free to contact me, I am always glad to hear from interesting scientists and students from any institution worldwide.
If you wish to download an up-to-date CV, please do not hesitate to use the contact form provided, I will give you a feedback as soon as possible.
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English, Italiano, Français, Espanol (basic)