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Chiara Scaini

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• 2010 – 2015: PhD in Environmental Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Cataluña (UPC) in collaboration with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), Computer Application in Science and Engineering (CASE) department. Thesis Supervisor, Dr. Arnau Folch (BSC). Thesis entitled “Modeling strategies for volcanic ash dispersal and management of impacts on civil aviation”, European Doctorate mention, Cum Laude.
• 2007 – 2009: Master of Science in Environmental Engineering, Udine University, Italy. Thesis entitled: “A GIS methodology to risk evaluation caused by a volcanic event in Tenerife, Spain”.


•November 2010 – December 2014: Researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Computer Application for Science and Engineering (CASE) department. Environmental simulation group. Participation to Spanish national research project ATMOST (CGL2009-10244), Fonds National Suisse project IZK0Z2_142343, and ESF (European Science Foundation) project MemoVolc (#5193).
• May-August 2009: Internship in Volcanology Department of National Museum of Natural Sciences (CSIC), Madrid. International research program “Italy-Spain integrated action”. Participation to European Projects EXPLORIS (EVR1-2001-00047) and VUELCO (FP7 Theme:ENV.2011.1.3.3-1; grant 282759).
• June-September 2008: Internship in the Earth Science Institute Jaume Almera (CSIC), Barcelona: agreement between Udine University and CSIC Volcanology department CSIC (references: Roberto Carniel, Joan Marti Molist, Alicia Felpeto).

Skills & Interests: 

Volcanic hazard assessment, Volcanic risk, High Performance Computing, Applied Seismology, Exposure, Resilience, Disaster Risk Reduction

Major projects: 

Participation to Spanish national research project ATMOST (CGL2009-10244)

Participation to CYTED (Iberoamerican programme of science and technology for development) thematic network (CYTED 410RT0392 - Iberoamerican network for monitoring and modeling volcanic ash and aerosol and their impact on infrastructures and air quality)

Internship under project funded by the International research program “Italy-Spain integrated action”

Participation to European Projects EXPLORIS (EVR1-2001-00047)

Spoken languages: 
Italian, English, Spanish