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Michele Petrini

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January 2014 - May 2017

PhD in Earth Science and Fluid Mechanics at University of Trieste - UNITS (Trieste, Italy).

Additional certification of Doctor Europaeus

Ice-sheet model simulations of the last deglaciation of the Eurasian ice-sheets.

[Supervisors: Prof. E. Forte (UNITS), Dr. F. Colleoni (CMCC), Prof. N. Kirchner (Stockholm University)]


January 2011 - October 2013

Master of Science in Mathematics at University of Trieste - UNITS (Trieste, Italy).

Graduated summa cum laude

The Inverse Acoustic Scattering Problem with Polyhedral Obstacle

[Supervisor: Prof. L. Rondi (UNITS)]


October 2007 - November 2010

Bachelor degree in Mathematics at University of Camerino - UNICAM (Trieste, Italy)

Dinamica simbolica e numeri trascendenti

[Supervisor: Prof. S. Isola (UNICAM)]


June 2021 - present

Post-doctoral scientists at OGS (Trieste, Italy).

Simulating ice-sheet-solid-Earth interactions in Antarctica with coupled ice-sheet-GIA models.

[Supervisor: Dr. F. Colleoni (OGS)]


December 2017 - May 2021

Post-doctoral scientists at TUDelft (Delft, the Netherlands).

Simulating past and future ice-sheet climate interactions with CESM2-CISM2.

[Supervisor: Prof. M. Vizcaino (TUDelft)]


June 2017 - November 2017

Post-doctoral scientists at OGS (Trieste, Italy).

Ice-sheet model simulations of the last deglaciation of the Eurasian ice-sheets.

[Supervisor: Dr. M. Rebesco (OGS)]

Skills & Interests: 

M. Petrini is an ice-sheet and coupled Earth-system-ice-sheet modeller with a specific interest in simulating past and future interactions between ice-sheets, climate and solid-Earth. During his Ph.D., he investigated with two different ice-sheet models the effects of ocean forcing on the dynamical stability of the Svalbard-Barents Sea paleo-ice-sheet during the last deglaciation. In 2018, he joined the project “CoupledIceClim” (ERC-StG, PI: M. Vizcaino, TUDelft) as postdoctoral researcher, to investigate past and future ice-climate interactions with the new-generation, coupled Earth-system-ice-sheet model CESM2/CISM2. During this postdoc, he actively contributed to design, run and analyse the first coupled future projections (end-of-century and long-term) of the Greenland ice-sheet, and a CESM2 simulation of the global climate during the Last Glacial Maximum. Moreover, he has collaborated with the CESM Land Ice Working Group (NCAR) to develop and test a new CESM2/CISM2 ocean-ice sheet coupling component of his design. In June 2021, he joined OGS as a postdoc, with the research drive of investigating past ice-sheet-solid-Earth interactions in Antarctica using coupled ice-sheet and GIA models. During his early career, M.Petrini has built a solid network with both the modelling (ISMIP6, CESM Land Ice Working Group) and the paleo-observational communities (PAST Gateways, PALGLAC, INSTANT).

Major projects: 

- Internal collaborator within the project "Integrated Reconstruction of Ice sheet DYnamics during late quaternary Arctic climatic transitions (IRIDYA)", PI: Dr. R.G. Lucchi, OGS, funded by the 2021 Italian National Programme of Arctic Research (PRA) from 2021 until 2023.

- Co-PI within the project "Demise of an ice sheet: the role of ice-dammed lakes", PI: Dr. S. Greenwood, Stockholm University, funded by the Swedish Research Council from 2022 until 2025. 


Spoken languages: 
Italian (native speaker), English