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Aldo Vesnaver

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Dirigente Ricerca

1990: PhD in Geophysics, University of Trieste (Italy).

1983: Master Degree in Physics, University of Trieste (Italy).
September 2010 – August 2013: Saudi Aramco Chair Professor in Seismic Exploration at KFUPM (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia).
December 2006 – present: Research Manager at OGS (Italian National Institute for Oceanography and Applied Geophysics, in Trieste).
December 2001 – December 2006: Geophysical Specialist at Saudi Aramco, in the Advanced Research Centre and the Geophysical Technical Services Department.
June 1983 – December 2001: Research scientist at OGS with various assignments, including seismic analyst, Team Leader and Vice-Director of Department.
October 1979 – February 1981: Assistant for seismic interpretation and contouring for the company “Applied Geophysics” in Trieste and Milan.
Skills & Interests: 


  • Development of algorithms and computer codes for geophysical data processing
  • Integrated analysis of active and passive seismic
  • Near surface geophysics
  • Seismic tomography
  • International scientific cooperation

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Major projects: 


2012: Principal Investigator in a Project about Geomechanical Tomography, funded by Saudi Aramco, in cooperation with the Stanford University.

2011: Principal Investigator in a Project about Uncoupled Acoustic Sensors, funded by KACST (Saudi Arabia).

2010-2013: Principal Investigator of a Project about Active and Passive Seismic, funded by the King Fahd University in the Research Group Program (Saudi Arabia).

2003 – 2004: Project Co-Leader of a feasibility study for Saudi Aramco about “Reservoir monitoring in Central Saudi Arabia”.

1998 – 2001: Project Leader of the Project 4D-TAIL, funded by the European Union (contract n.OG/129/97), for reservoir monitoring by 3D tomography and AVO inversion, involving partners as Total (France) and Norsk Hydro (Norway).

1996 – 1999: Project Leader of the TO-3D Project funded by the European Union (in the Thermie Program), for the validation of a 3D tomography code with adaptive irregular grids, involving oil companies as OMV and Norsk Hydro, and research institutes as TNO (The Netherlands) and DMT (Germany).

1995 – 1998: Task Leader of a Project funded by the European Union (in the Essi-Esprit Program), for the conversion of a 3D tomography code from FORTRAN 77 to FORTRAN 90 in a parallel and distributed computing environment.

1990 – 1992: Project Leader in an R&D Project for the Italian oil company Eni-Agip, aimed at developing software for the 3D traveltime inversion.

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Italian, English, German