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Andrea Caburlotto

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MSc equivalent in Geology - Department of Geological, Environmental and Marine Sciences – University of Trieste (Italy), 1999

EU-Marie Curie Training Site - Southampton Oceanography Centre – School of Ocean and Earth Science (UK), 2002

PhD in Polar Sciences - University of Siena / OGS (Italy), 2003


Post-doc fellowship - OGS, Department for the Development of Marine Technology and Research, 2003-2007

Post-doc researcher position - OGS, Department for the Development of Marine Technology and Research, 2007-2012

Post-doc researcher position - OGS, Geophysics Section, 2012- present time

Skills & Interests: 


Sedimentary records as indicators for environmental and climate changes


Physical and geothecnical sediment properties

Sedimntary architecture of marine subsurface

Major projects: 

PNRA (Antarctic National Research Program): EDIPO (Eirik DrIft PaleoOceanography investigations), P.I.

PNRA: QUASAR (QUAternary Sedimentary processes on the east Antarctic continental rise), P.I.

Collaboration in several international projects:

  • EUROFLEETS - Towards an Alliance of European Research Fleets (EU, seventh framework programme). Activity: secretary of WP6 – Training and Education
  • MAGIC – Marine Geohazards along the Italian Coasts (P.I.: R. Ramella, OGS)
  • PNRA: EGLACOM – Evolution of a GLacial Arctic Continental Margin: the southern Svalbard ice stream-dominated sedimentary system 
  • SVAIS – The development of an Arctic ice stream-dominated sedimentary system: The southern Svalbard continental margin 
  • VECTOR – Vulnerability of italian coasts and marine ecosystem related to climate changes and their role on the Carbon cycle 
  • PNRA: IGEOS – Geophysical integrated analysis of gas hydrate areas offshore Shetland Islands 
  • PNRA: BSR – Gas Hydrate and their impact on sub-antarctic areas climate and environment 
  • PNRA: MOGAM – MOrphology and Geology of Antarctic Margins (Wilkes Land and Antarctic Peninsula) 
  • PNRA: SEDANO – SEDiment Drifts of the Antarctic Offshore – a seismic reflection, sedimentological and deep sea current study of the glacial depositional system in which sediment drifts develop on the continental rise of the Pacific Margin of the Antarctic Peninsula 
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Spoken languages: 
Italian, English