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Damiano Pesaresi

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Primo Tecnologo
335 8179221

High School diploma (Scientific Liceum) obtained in 1985 with 56/60 marks.

Degree in Physics obtained on 18 December 1992 at Padova University (Italy) with 105/110 marks; program of studies in Electronics (digital Electronics and Informatics); title of thesis: “SHIP - a 800 Mbit/sec digital channel of communication”.


2005 to present

Technical responsible of the “Antelope” seismic data acquisition system of the Northeastern Italian Seismic Network at the Seismological Research Center (Centro di Ricerche Sismologiche, CRS) of the Italian National Institute for Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics (Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale, OGS), Udine (Italy).


2000 to 2004

Technical manager of the Italian National Data Center for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban-Treaty Organization (CTBTO): ordering, testing, installation and maintenance of hardware, dedicated software and networking equipment. Italian expert at the CTBTO Working Group B for Communication and International Monitoring System (IMS) issues. Technical manager of the Nepal Project for the installation of the EVN seismic station on Mount Everest.



Seismic officer (P3) at CTBTO - IMS division - seismic monitoring section. Manager of the IRIS project for connecting 49 IMS stations to the Global Communication Infrastructure (GCI): interface development, including terms of reference for the contract. Point of contact between IMS division and GCI section of the International Data Center (IDC) division. IMS expert for satellite connections, coordinator of the connection of IMS stations to the GCI VSAT satellite system. Responsible for the development of the IMS authentication of data and commands system and of the CD-x language for sending authenticated data and commands between IMS stations and IDC. Procurement of telecommunication and seismic equipment.


1994 to 1998

Technical responsible of the Mediterranean very broadband digital seismic network named “MedNet” run by Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) in Rome (Italy). Ordering, installing and repairing seismic stations and spare parts, software (data collection and analysis) and hardware (calibration) development, testing and implementing of dial-up and real-time data links, site survey and preparation, evaluation of performances of seismic stations. Coordinator of 3 technicians. Italian expert at CTBTO Working Group B for IMS and Communication.


1992 to 1993

Projecting, developing and testing of electronic boards to serialize the parallel data transmission protocol HIPPI at 800 Mbit/sec on optic fiber at CERN laboratories in Geneva.


1989 to 1992

Developing of an automatic return of statistic maps from ISTAT data on AutoCAD medium on PC platform, in collaboration with IRES Veneto. Developing of an automatic database system on PC platform for a census of the buildings of the commune of San Donato Milanese, in collaboration with Cooperativa Spazio Analogo society of Venice.

Skills & Interests: 

Informatics Skills:

Programming in C, C++, Pascal, VisualBasic; very good knowledge of Unix, Linux and Windows operating systems.


Major projects: 
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Spoken languages: 
Italian (native), English (fluent), French (fair), German (fair)