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Daniel Brian Praeg

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Daniel Brian
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Ph.D. (1997) in Marine Geology & Geophysics, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
B.Sc. (1984) in Geological Science, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA


since 2006 :   Researcher in Marine Geoscience, OGS, Trieste, ITALY
2004-2006 :   EC Marie Curie Research Fellow, OGS, Trieste, ITALY
1998-2004 :   Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Geology, University College Dublin, IRELAND
1990-1997 :   Doctoral Researcher, Dept of Geology & Geophysics, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
1984-1989 :   Pre-doctoral Marine Geoscientist, Geological Survey of Canada, Bedford Institute of
                       Oceanography, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CANADA

Skills & Interests: 

Research Interests
Cryogenic and geodynamic systems on continental margins:
 •  Gas hydrates in relation to submarine fluid flow and seabed seepage (mud volcanoes, pockmarks)
 •  Glaciation of continental margins and sedimentary basins (meltwater drainage beneath ice sheets)
 •  Post-rift epeirogenic movements as dynamic topographic responses to upper mantle convection

Key Achievements
 •  Discovery of a gas hydrate system on the Nile deep-sea fan (HYDRANIL project, 2009-present)
 •  Co-discovery of mud volcanoes on the Calabrian Arc (EC HERMES-HYDRAMED, 2004-2009)
 •  Model of dynamic topographic uplift of 'passive' continental margins (EC STRATAGEM, 2003-2005)
 •  Pioneering application of 3D seismic data to Quaternary glacigenic successions (PhD, 1990-1996)

Acquisition and  analysis of multi-disciplinary marine geophysical & geological datasets, including:
 •  Water column and seabed imagery - multibeam echosounders and sidescan sonar systems
 •  Seismic reflection data - high resolution single-channel and 2D & 3D multi-channel data
 •  Cores & well data: ltiho-stratigraphy from sediment cores, well cuttings and geophysical logs
 •  ROVs & AUVs - Remotely Operated Vehicles and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
 •  Geothermal measurements - using thermal probes from surface vessels and ROVs

Field Experience (Oceanographic Campaigns)
Participant in 14 campaigns to the Mediterranean Sea, the North and South Atlantic Oceans and the Canadian Arctic (>10 months at sea); Chief Scientist on 3 campaigns.

Major projects: 

Investigations of submerged glacial landscapes at the SW margin of the last Eurasian ice sheet, where questions surround both the maximum extent of glaciation and the dynamics of a major (Irish Sea) ice stream. Research theme resulting from an International Polar Year (IPY) proposal (Praeg 2005, IPY Expression of Interest 529, see, supported by the following intiatives:

•  IPY GLAMAR: GLAcial Meltwater and Continental MARgins (2012-2014)
OGS-led IPY collaboration with partners in Ireland (NUIM), UK (BGS) and Canada (GSC) to analyse data acquired during the 2009 GLAMAR campaign and support OGS participation in follow-on Irish campaigns. Funded by Italian PNRA (€40,000)

•  GATEWAYS I: Ice Streams and Iceberg Calving Gateways SW of Ireland (2012)
Irish-led research campaign to acquire geophysical and geological data from the glaciated continental shelf offshore SW Ireland. Supported by Irish National Ship-Time Progamme ( (r/v Celtic Voyager, 21 April-12 May 2012, 21 days ship-time, equivalent value €160,000); OGS participation (including Chief Scientist Leg 1) supported by IPY GLAMAR.

•  RIDGES : Regionally IntegrateD GEological Mapping of the Celtic Sea (2009-2010)
Irish-led collaboration to undertake post-campaign analyses of the 2009 GLAMAR dataset, collaboration between researchers in Ireland (NUIM), Italy (OGS) and the UK (BGS). INFOMAR project INF-09-14-MCC (12 months, €29,409).

•  GLAMAR: GLAcial Meltwater & the Sedimentary Architecture of Continental Margins (2009)
OGS research campaign, in collaboration with Irish (NUIM, INFOMAR) and UK partners. Undertaken as an OGS contribution to the International Polar Year (r/v OGS Explora, 04-31 August 2009, 28 days ship-time, equivalent value c. €420,000 equivalent value).

Ongoing research into submarine fluid flow systems, which has led to discoveries of mud volcanoes and gas hydrates in the Mediterranean Sea in collaboration with European and Brazilian partners. Research theme supported by the following initiatives:

•  HYDRANIL: Assessing the Gas Hydrate System on the Nile Deep-Sea Fan (2009-present)
OGS-led collaboration with partners in France (Géoazur), Germany (Jacobs University Bremen) and Brazil (PUCRS/CEPAC)  to investigate fluid systems on the Nile Fan (seismic data sharing from 2008 leading to discovery of gas hydrate BSR; acquisition of data from active pockmarks during French APINIL campaign in 2011). OGS-supported international collaboration.

•  APINIL: intéraction climAt-Processus-fluIde sur le NIL (2011)
French-led research campaign to investigate sedimentary processes on the Nile fan (r/v Le Suroît, 16/09-24/10 2011, 40 days ship-time); OGS participation in Leg 1 (AUV) and 2 (PASISAR deep-towed sidescan and seismic), OGS-led investigations of active pockmarks in collaboration with Brazilian and French partners in HYDRANIL during Leg 3 (coring)

•  HERMES: Hotspot Ecosystem Research on the Margins of European Seas (2005-2009)
EC FP6 Integrated Project with 50 partners (OGS PI S. Ceramicola, budget c. €400,000); supporting OGS-led discovery and investigation of mud volcanoes on the Calabrian accretionary prism, and investigations of gas hydrates on the Nile fan, in collaboration with the EC HYRAMED project

•  MEDECO: Etude des écosystèmes profonds de la Méditerranée (2007)
French-led research campaign of the EC HERMES project (below), to study ecosystem hotspots in the Mediterranean Sea using the ROV Victor 6000 (r/v Pourquoi pas?, Oct-Nov 2007). OGS participation in Leg 2 (02-30 November), including 3 days leading investigations of the Calabrian Arc mud volcanoes (equivalent valuec. €100,000)

•  PALEOMED: Paléocéanographie et Hydrates du Méthane dans la Mer Méditerranée (2007)
OGS-led project on ‘Paleoceanography and Methane Hydrates in the Mediterranean Sea’, as a Visiting Scientist from OGS at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris (Bourse de Recherche Internationale de la Ville de Paris, April-July 2007, €12,000)

•  HYDRAMED: Geological Assessment of Gas Hydrates in the Mediterranean Sea (2004-2006)
EC FP6 Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship at OGS, (contract MEIF-DT-2003-501814, 2004- 2006, €197,239); supplemented by an OGS award of ship-time on the r/v OGS Explora, HERMES-HYDRAMED IONIO campaign, August 2005 (10 days, c. €150,000 equivalent value)

OGS-led research campaign to the Ionian Sea, collaboration between the EC HERMES and HYDRAMED projects (r/v OGS Explora, 01 July–18 August 2005, 30 days, equivalent value €450,000)

Curriculum vitae: 
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English (mother tongue), Italian, French