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Daniel Gustavo Nieto Yabar

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Daniel Gustavo
Nieto Yabar
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Primo Tecnologo

Degree of Geology , speciality in Geophysics.(University of Trieste-Italy)


 To May 1976. it begins the activity of search in the section Seismology of the Experimental Geophysical Observatory.-OGS, participating in the operations of the station seismology during the phase earthquake  emergency

- September 1978- Supervisor of the sector energie source, to the geophysical survey in the Karacorum

 To 1981 1987 Head of  the seismic team TD-199 of the OGS. Performed activity of hydrocarbons search in the Permissions AGIP:

To  1987 head of the research vessel OGS-EXPLORA Performed to the geophysical  survey in the following program:

 geophysical Searches in the Mediterranean for account CNR, AGIP and CHEVRON.

 antarctic geophysical program 1988-89.

 program CNR "Sardinian Channel

 antarctic geophysical program 1989-90.

. interdisciplinary program "Project Magellano."

 program "Crustal Seismic Reflection Profile. East Cape-North Island (New Zealand)

 antarctic geophysical program 1990-91.

 program CROP sea 1991 for CNR-ENEL-AGIP.

.program hydrocarbons in the permission "EL-HAOUARIA" Tunisia for account AGIP (October-November 1991).

 programma Antarctica 1991-92

 program of geophysics Arc-Rifano for CNR and University  of Parma (June 1992).

 program of geophysical F.Z. 15°20' and F.Z. VEMA for CNR-ING Bologna-OGS (August 1992).

 program of geophysics in Antarctica 1992-1993

 project of search hydrocarbons for the consortium IG&NS-SEAFIELD-PETROCORP-ANZEC, in surrounding seas the New Zelanda

 geophysical survey in the Mediterranean sea for account CNR-ENEL-AGIP-OGS.

 antarctic geophysical program 1993-94. 

 program "Crop Mare" 1994 (October 1994)

 geophysical program in Antarctica 1994-95

 program "Crop II sea" (August 1995).

.program "Etna Tomography:  novel approach by seismology-ETNASEIS 95", for University of Trieste, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris-France, Institute of Earth Scienze-CSIC-Barcellona-Spagna. (October 1995).

 antarctic geophysical program 1995-96. 

 program "Freeze-THERMIE-SINBUS 96" (September-November 1996)

 geophysical program in Antarctica 1996-97


Managing and Project Leadership :

·From January in July 1998. Supervisor of the seismic groups employed to the seismic prospecting for hydrocarbons search in the permission "Mountain The Rose" on behalf of the consortium Agip Petroleo-Fina-Edison Gas.

· In  July 1998. is constituted  the GEDA group (Geophysical Date Acquisition) of the Department Geophysics of the Lithosphere, group employed to the acquisition of sea geophysical data and earthlings, of which coordinator is named.. .

· March-may 1999, October-November 1999, March 2000. coordinator  of the data acquisition group of the project "Geophysical Research in the Surroundings of the Krsko Nuclear Power Plant-Slovenia" within the program of the EEC "PHARE", in which have been acquired of the regional seismic lines and to high resolution, for a best understanding of the structures sismotettoniche bound with the seismic risk of the nuclear plant.

 1999-2001. Coordinator of the phase of data acquisition seismic 3D, geoelettrici and GPR, in the program "MICA: Elaboration of a technological packet of isotopic geochimica and geophysics for the industry to tall use of civil and industrial water", financed by the Fund Trieste.

. Principal Investigator of the project "IBIS: Development of methodologies for the investigation and the reclamation of areas polluted by dumps, industry and agriculture", financed by the Fund Trieste. 2000-2002

 Project Leader of project  of the project of search "Development of methodologies of integrated investigations for the mappatura and the evaluation of the content of heavy metals geogeni and ectogenous in the grounds of the Friuli Venezia Julia", financed by the CNR-agency 2000.

 2001-2002. Coordinator of the convention between OGS and Consortium for the Industrial Development of the Commune of Monfalcone, avente for object "Realization of a study on the sources of thermal waters near Monfalcone notes with the name of "Roman Thermal baths." Articulated in geophysical search, geochimica and perforation of a well. 2001-2002.

 Coordinator of the program of acquisition of a seismic line to high resolution reflection in earth and sea of the "Study and the geophysical monitoring of the phenomenons landslides in the area in Ancona"2001-2002.

· Co-proponent of the project financed by the Department of Commerce with the foreign countries.  D.G. Promotion exchanges and internazionalization of the enterprises "Investigation and monitoring of dikes and hydroelectric basins in Georgia-CIS."  Partners OGS - Eurekos-Energy Efficiency Center (Tblisi)-Acta Consultants Tblisi, Georgian sponsor Ministry for fuel and Energy - Georgia. 2001-2003.

Project Leader of project  SETA:Seismic Hazart Assessment for the Tbilisi test Area, supported by the Italian Ministery for Foreign Affairs. 2004-2006

Project Leader of project  CAMI  Water-bearing characterization with integrated methodologies. , support by  EU  project LIFE-Ambiente 2004-2007

 2002-2012 Coordinator of the united one of Search group  GEBA of the OGS. It coordinates different activities of search in Italy and to the foreign countries.