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Daniela Accettella

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Master First Level: Cartography and Remote Sensing at the Department of Engineerig University of Trieste. 
Degree in Physics (Geophysics), Bologna University (Italy)
Dissertation: Marine multichannel seismic data processing: multiple removal in tau-p space.
High School Post leaving qualification course, Bologna (Italy)
Information Technology: Network Technician 700h. (FSE Fondo Sociale Europeo)


In all the years I've been working with OGS I collected huge experience with bathymetric data in all step:  survey planning, acquisition, processing, data storage and final publication on scientific paper. I have good cartographic skills and I often help in geophysical data integration: bathymetric datasets, seismic lines, chirp lines, core data, to to study the geodynamic processes.
As member of the “Offshore Operation Group” Infrastructures Division, that gathers the technological and scientific expertises for i) the operating management of the research vessels OGS Explora and Laura Bassi;  ii) the offshore operations; iii) and relative scientific equipments; I’ve been engaged in both research projects and operational activities. Operational activities included i) research projects (geophysical, oceanographic and mapping projects) and ii) industrial work such as Cable Surveys and Well site survey. 
My roles onboard were: surveyor, Party Chief, responsible of bathymetric data quality control, senior bathymetric data processor, sub bottom operator and. 
During the many scientific expeditions, I developed flexibility and ability to manage various types of geophysical subsea mapping systems in various geological contexts including polar environments (Antarctic 2017, Arctic 2015 and, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Celtic Sea, Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean).
I acquired (in part), processed, prepared and submitted to IBCSO (International Bathymetric Chart of Southern Ocean) all datasets and transits acquired in 2017 for a total of 52,130km km2, as well as Antarctic data acquired in 2003 and 2005 for a total of 148,515m2. Data with resolution 100m will be published and downloadable in the next IBCSO publication (2021). During the years, I processed almost all acquired OGS Explora bathymetric datasets participating to various projects and publication also in Arctic Areas (Eglacom, Edipo, Deglabar Projects).
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Italian (mother tongue), English, Spanish (good)