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David Zuliani

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  • Febbrary 2000: degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of Trieste (Italy),  final mark 109/110;
  • June 2000: qualification as a Professional Electronic Engineer at the University of Trieste (Italy), final mark: 112/120;
  • July 1990: secondary-school diploma in electronics at the I.T.I. A. Malignani of Udine


  • I'm employed as a permanent staff position (electronic technician lev. V) at the "Centro di Ricerche Sismologiche (CRS)" a research infrastructure of the OGS.
  • I'm in charge for the INTA (Advanced Technological Systems / Infrastrutture tecnologiche avanzate) group of CRS which mainly deals with the GNSS (GPS+GLONASS+Galileo) research, service and technology.
  • I've realized, and I currently manage, the GNSS permanent site network called FReDNet. FReDNet is used to provide regional services for both cadastrial applications (real time positioning) and research aims (crustal deformation studies). I've projected and followed the measure surveys and the methods for the FReDNet topographic constraining within the ROMA40 Italian reference frame and within the ETRS89 European reference frame. I've projected and realized remote datalogging software system, the data format and the data quality check system, I've implemented the data storage and the data share systems. I work with the GNSS data to provide the permanent site time series and the regional crustal deformation velocities. All the activities concerning the GNSS datalogging, the elaboration and the results obtained have been presented to national and international conferences and published as technical articles (OGS internal) or research papers (international).
  • I also work in the GNSS real-time elaboration field, currently I'm developing software to exctract displacement seismograms from real time GNSS streams.
  • I write software and I develope methods (spectral techniques and reverse filtering) for seismometer calibrations with the Shake Table device.
  • I write software for the Power Spectral Density assesment aimed to the evaluation of the sesimological background noise.
  • I take part to the CRS research activity and to the CRS seismological monitoring activity.
  • Finally I work in collaboration with other OGS research structures usually in the topography contest.


  • Technical manager of the GNSS permanent receivers network "Friuli Regional Deformation Network (FReDNet)". FReDNet was established in 2002 with MIUR funds included inside the VALERIA project "Valutazione e prevenzione di rischi ambientali".
  • Technical leader for the project "GPS-RTK: un servizio di  posizionamento in tempo reale nel Friuli Venezia Giulia", funded by the Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia with a three years contribution (2006-2011). With these funds FReDNet has been completed and an innovative real time GNSS positioning service was activated in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and in the border areas. Among the aims of the project the study of the regional crustal deformation with geodetic and seismological purposes.
  • OGS representative at UNAVCO. UNAVCO is an international consortium of universities and institutions (over 165) aimed to the improvement of the geoscientific research by means of geodesy.
  • Legal-administrative and technical contact in the agreement between OGS and IGM (Istituto Geografico Militare). The IGM is the Italian government cartography institute and manages the RDN (Rete Dinamica Nazionale) the national GNSS permanent site network.
  • contact for EUREF Permanent GNSS Station ZOUF. The site ZOUF was accepted into the network of European stations EUREF Permanent Network, operated by the Royal Observatory of Belgium.
  • In charge for the INTA (Advanced Technological Infrastructure) group of OGS.
  • CRS staff representative in the "Collegio del personale scientifico".
  • In charge for security and emergency management at the CRS venue of Udine.


  • Themes and projects I worked for lead me to an intense teaching activity and also to present the results to the general public inside some events organized by OGS or by the Civil Protection (open days,...). I have organized and I've partially teached 2 training courses about GNSS and topography for the professionals. These courses have been approved or sponsored by the orders and colleges of engineers, architects, geologists, surveyors, agricultural technicians and forestry technicians. I have been teaching at the University of Göttingen, Trieste and Udine and at several schools in the province of Udine. During the activity research I have followed several students and trainees (7 theses and over 2200 hours of internship training);
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I am an expert, both system analyst and programmer, of informatic systems used to manage and to elaborate GNSS, topographic and seismic data.

Major projects: 
  • “Valutazione e prevenzione di rischi ambientali” VALERIA project, funded by MIUR and aimed to the realization of FReDNet (2002): Friuli Regional Deformation Network.
  • "GPS-RTK: un servizio di  posizionamento in tempo reale nel Friuli Venezia Giulia" project, funded by the Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia with a three years contribution (2006-2011).
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italian mother tongue, english