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Denis Sandron

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  • PhD in Geophysics of the Lithosphere and Geodynamics   
  • University degree in Physics
  • Scientific High School graduation
Seismic monitoring
OGS currently holds an agreement with the Regional Civil Protection (PCR) for network management and seismic monitoring in the FVG territory. The alert system is ensured in the event of an earthquake, through the automatic transmission in real time via e-mail and SMS of the parametric data of the earthquake and by the on-call service of the OGS rapid response team. The availability service is guaranteed H24/365 and I'm part of the team that is first involved in case of earthquake, which makes the event manual relocation and gives scientific seismological support to the Civil Protection authorities.
The routine tasks are: i) monitoring of the seismic station using the real time data acquisition system (collecting information regarding the station operation, problem evaluation and decision making of any repair intervention); ii) event localization and magnitude estimation (potential human revision of the automatic real time system result); iii) writing the annual report [a) annual seismicity database (time histories included); b) analysis of the most significant events (if any); c) studies on local effects, shaking maps and scenarios].
OGS realized and currently is managing “The Collalto Seismic Network (Rete Sismica di Collalto) to monitor the natural and induced seismicity of the natural gas storage concession known as Collalto Stoccaggio, (on behalf of Edison Stoccaggio S.p.A.). I'm part of the group that carried out the 24 hour on-call service.
Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA)
The Risk group of the “Department of seismological research” is leader in the field of probabilistic seismic hazard analysis. Our standard output is: PSHA for the study area, probabilitic site hazard evaluation, probabilitic spectral hazard evaluation, seismic input (time series for engineering modeling).
We are involved in the computation of the new Italian seismic hazard model and/or several regional projects. We perform studies also commissioned by private companies: for industrial portal complex (Kribi, Cameroon and Tongue, Mozambique); pipelines (TAP) and dams (ENEL). 
Passive and active seismic surveys:  noise and microtremors measurements with single station (e.g Tromino or accelerometer) or with an array of and/or multiple instruments (eg. geophones, accelerometers) both in the free-field and on buildings. The aim is the characterization of the site in terms of frequency and the estimation of the amplification factor and/or of the dynamical characterization of the structures (and the interaction soil-structure). 
Civil protection
I contributed in collaboration with the PCR in the drafting of the earthquake emergency procedures at the municipal level, activated on the basis of the automatic earthquake notification provided by OGS.
In this framework we developed and we are testing an innovative approach, based on the active contribution of Civil Protection volunteers, for the rapidly definition the seismic impact through the compilation of simplified questionnaires.
Skills & Interests: 
Familiar with Windows, Unix/Linux operative systems and with Fortran programming language. Competent with GMT, SAC and other commercial graphic tools (Grapher, Surfer, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Kaleidagraph).
Some experience with Qgis, Matlab and Python.
In the field of local effects familiar with: SHAKE2000, EERA/NERA, DEEPSOIL, Pshake
In the field of earthquake location: HYPO71, Hypoelipse, Antelope
In the field of PSHA: Crisis
Major projects: 
- Faglie Sismogeniche e Tsunamigeniche nei Mari Italiani – FASTMIT
- OGS MICROKAT project (Microzonazione della valle di Kathmandù, Nepal)
- CLARA (CLoud plAtform and smart underground imaging for natural Risk Assessment).
- OGS ISTEGE project (Indagine Sismotettonica del TErremoto dell'8 Settembre 1905 (Mw 7.4) nel Golfo di Sant'Eufemia – offshore tirrenico calabrese).
- Interreg IV – A Project “HAREIA: Historical and recent Earthquakes in Italy and Austria”
- Research Project of National Interest: “Prediction of ground motion and generation of shaking maps in the near-fault region of an earthquake.”
- INGV and DPC 2007- 2009 Contract, Seismological Projects: Project S3 – “Fast evaluation of parameters and effects of strong earthquakes in Italy and in the Mediterranean.”
- INGV and DPC 2004-2006 Contract, Seismological Projects: Project S4 – “Shake map estimation in real and quasi-real time for earthquakes in Italy.”
– INTERREG PROJECT ITALY-AUSTRIA 2000-2006 : “Seismological Networks without frontiers in   the South Eastern Alps” 
- INTERREG IIIB Alpine Space Project "Sismovalp: Seismic risk in alpine valleys
- PREPARED (EVG1-CT-2002-00073)
- Seismotectonic study, expected accelerations and seismic input for some italian dams -2015/16 -
- Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment for the Tungue site (Mozambique) – 2015 -
- Comite de pilotage et de suivi de la realisation du complexe industrialo portuaire de KRIBI – PSHA of the Kribi port (Camerun) – 2014 -
- TAP: Trans Adriatic Pipeline: PSHA along the pipeline – 2014 –
“Spedizione Italiana in Antartide 2015/2016 XXXI Campagna Antartica”
[OGS created and manages the seismic network ASAIN (Antarctic Seismographic Argentinean Italian Network) in collaboration with the Argentine Antarctic Institute (IAA) within the Italian (PNRA / OGS) and Argentina (DNA / IAA) Antarctic Program.]
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