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Fabio Meneghini

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Telephone number: 
329 3241844
  • 2006: High Performance Computing, Parallel Computation and Scientific Visualization training course at CINECA

                MPI and VTK libraries

  • 2006: Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Electronic Engineering (B.Eng.)

                Analog/Digital signal processing, circuit design, control systems.

  • 2011: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Information Engineering, application in neuromodelling

                Research and Implementation of several algorithms for numerical simulation and modeling, applied to High Performance Computing (HPC) environments, aimed to solve bioelectromagnetism-related problems, based both on Finite Difference Method (FDM) numerical computing and inverse analysis.
                Implementation of visualization tools for building and manipulation of neurophysiological models, based on VTK, the cutting edge in scientific visualization
                Trained in advanced Neuroimaging acquisition techniques



  • 2006: Development of testing modules for telecomunication devices at "Testability"
  • 2007: Development of firmware on embedded systems at "U.T.R.I."
  • 2008: PhD. Visiting student at Maastricht University, NL. improving skills in Magnetic Resonance Imaging processing techniques applied to neuromodelling field
  • 2009: Field eingineer at OGS, GEOP group.


Skills & Interests: 

Sensors and instrumentation development for custom Geophysical applications

Geophysical data acquisition systems design and development

Hardware - CAD-aided circuit design and manufacturing (Orcad PSpice, Eagle)

Firmware programming on Microchip's PIC18 family microcontrollers

PC software aimed to both pre/post-process acquired data, as well as local/remote instrumentation interfacing.

Matlab and Simulink

Labview - Livello Core3, sviluppo su FPGA e target Real Time (compactRIO e SingleBoardRIO)

Implementation of algorithms of parallel computing on HPC architectures, using MPI libraries, for applications in numerical simulation / modelling

Implementation of cross-platform algorithms of Scientific Visualization using VTK libraries

Firmware development on Microchip PIC18 family microcontrollers

C, C++, C#, Pyton, JavaScript, TCL and other languages skills, on different SDK (Visual Studio, Qt, Eclipse) both on Windows and Linux platforms.


Major projects: 
  • SEISBIT synchronization unit ver. 2.0
  • VSP logger
  • SeisACQ - seismic data acquisition, management and preprocessing software
Spoken languages: 
Italiano, Inglese