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Francesco Palmieri

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1982:  Received his degree (laurea) in Geology from the University of Trieste with a  thesis in Applied Geophysics: "Microanomalies and microvariations of gravity: a new method to study the subsurface hydrogeology”.


Since the award of the degree in Geology (1982), he actively works in gravity and microgravity prospecting before as free-lance, mainly for Institutes of University of Trieste (IMGA-UTS), CNR and private companies, and since 2000 as technologist at Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale-OGS.

In total he has carried out more than 100 gravity surveys in the following countries: Italy, Nepal, Pakistan, People's Republic of China, Oman, Argentina, Honduras (for more details, see CV_FPalmieri_en.pdf).

The fields of activity interested by the gravity and microgravity prospecting during these years have been:

  • Geodetic Metrology: a) calibration of gravity-meters along calibration lines; b) measurement of the "g" value, by means of relative ties, in metrological laboratories; c) gravity measurements in order to calculate the geoid and height corrections;
  • Geophysical exploration: the applications cover a wide range of problems with different accuracy requirements, network density and different source's depth, in particular: a) large-scale problems related to the constitution of large mountain ranges; b) exploration for deposits of hydrocarbons (oil, gas), ores, steam, etc.; more in general to point out the occurence of tectonic (anticlines, faults, etc.) or stratigraphic traps (reefs); c) engineering applications for verifying bedrock soundness and/or for delineating zones with cavities; d) archaeological applications; e) surface and underwater marine gravity surveys;
  • Geothermics: study of temporal gravity changes associated with the exploitation of the geothermal fields in order to depict some aspects of the fluid dynamics of the reservoir;
  • Hydrogeophysics: study of temporal gravity changes influenced by water-level fluctuations;
  • Seismology: study of regional temporal gravity changes due to the deformations of the Earth's Crust in seismically active regions.



Skills & Interests: 

Gravity and microgravity prospecting:

  • acquisition (LaCoste-Romberg mod. D and G, Scintrex CG-3 gravity meters, ZLS Burris gravity meters);
  • processing (adjustment of gravity nets, reductions, separation of anomalies, etc.);
  • data presentation and modelling;
  • software development (in Fortran)
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Italian (mother language), English, Spanish