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Laura Peruzza

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Primo Ricercatore

Degree in Geology (University of Padua, 1986), with Thesis in Geophysics (Seismic hazard in NE Italy)

Stage at Observatoire Cantonal de Neuchatel (CH) on treatment of magnetotelluric data (1990)

Visiting researcher at University of Fairbanks (USA, 1995).


- Four-year collaboration with the University of Padova, Department of Geology, Paleontology and Geophysics and with the Observatoire Cantonal de Neuchatel (CH) on research projects of applied geophysics (Project “Bacino Termale Euganeo”, funded by the Veneto Region and finalized on the exploitation of thermal waters in the Colli Euganei (PD) area; Projects “European Geotraverse” and “Crop Alpi”, funded by CEE and Italian CNR, dealing with the geophysical exploration of the deep crust)

- Professional consultant of CNR-GNDT (Gruppo Nazionale per la Difesa dai Terremoti) from Aug 1990 till Feb 1992, working at OGS (Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale) in Trieste; seismic hazard modeller

- Temporary researcher of CNR-GNDT – under the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, from 1992 to 1998 -, afterwards transferred to ING-GNDT - Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica, 1999-2001 - enrolled on national and international projects of seismic hazard evaluation

– Researcher at OGS, since Dec 2001; First Researcher from Feb 2011. In the last years, scientific interests broadened to education and preparedness, and reservoir induced seismicity

Project Leader in national research projects, and participants in international activities.

Member in national consulting commissions (from 2002 to 2005, member of the Commissione nazionale per la prevenzione e previsione dei Grandi Rischi – Settore Rischio Sismico, appointed by the Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri; member of the Working Group "Microzonazione Sismica" by Dipartimento Nazionale della Protezione Civile since Mar 2011) and international working group of Global Earthquake Model (GEM; member of Working Group on Hazard Model Integration of the Technical Advisory Pool since Dec 2010; member of the "Powell Working Group on Maximum Magnitude and Earthquake Recurrence" since Mar 2012)

Skills & Interests: 

Seismic hazard assessment, mainly in probabilistic approaches on regional and national scale, with expertise from the definition and characterization of seismogenic sources to the achievement of products designed for the final-users (seismic engineers, land-planning administrations, Insurance companies). Original approaches developed are:

  1. attenuation relationships calibrated on macroseismic intensity points to be specifically applied to seismic zonation analyses: the maps of the maximum observed intensities, probabilistic maps in macroseismic intensity, in peak ground acceleration and spectral acceleration obtained in the period 1996-99 are the basic elements for the proposal of seismic zonation adopted by the law in 2003 (first application of the rules in Ord. 3274/2003);
  2. characterization of the seismogenic source, from the probabilistic definition of its spatial feature by earthquake location analyses, to the constrain of seismicity rates by geological and statistical criteria; these studies have led to a wider utilization of individual seismogenic sources (faults) in probabilistic seismic hazard assessment in Italy;
  3. development of time-dependent seismic hazard assessment for defining the priorities in seismic risk reduction strategies, valudation studies;
  4. educational project and risk communication.
Major projects: 

I participated to international analyses promoted by Unesco (ADRIA-GSHAP); projects of scientific exchanges on funds of the Ministero degli Esteri (Grecia), and ICTP (Cuba); projects on seismic risk at the regional scale; international initiatives of testing of earthquake forecast (CSEP-EU).

Coordinator of national projects by GNDT (MISHA - Metodi Innovativi per la Stima dell’Hazard – Peruzza coord.; EDURISK - Educazione al terremoto: un itinerario nella riduzione del rischio – Camassi and Peruzza coord.); participation and partial coordination (Task) in projects promoted by INGV on funds of the Dipartimento della Protezione Civile Nazionale (coordinators: “Terremoti probabili…”, Amato & Selvaggi, 2000-2004; “Progetto S2”, Slejko & Valensise, 2005-2006; “Progetto S2”, Faccioli e Marzocchi, 2007-2009; “Flank V4”, Puglisi & Acocella).

Ongoing Projects

Director of the national DPC-INGV Project S2 (

Task responsible in DPC-INGV Project V3 (

Scientific responsible in MIUR L.6/2000 Project SISIFO (

Spoken languages: 
Italian (well done), English (medium), French (rare)