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Marina Cabrini

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Primo Ricercatore


1982 Degree in Biological Sciences, University of Trieste.

1984 Qualification for practicing the profession of biologist, University of Padova

          Iscrizione Ordine Nazionale dei Biologi n° 23165

1994 Master Degree in Aquacolture, University of Udine.

1997 European Biologist  EurBiol n° 09040355226.

1997 Expert in Marine Biology, University of Trieste


Partecipation to the following main courses:

2002 Ecology of Harmful Algae, Bigelow Laboratory, Bigelow Massachutes (USA)

1995 Advanced Phytoplankton Course Taxonomy and Systematics, Casamicciola Terme (Ischia), Naples, Italy.

1994 Free Living Heterotrophic Flagellates. St. Petersburg, (Russia)

1991 Gordon Research Conference Frontiers of Science on Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins. Plymouth State College, North Plymouth, New Hampshire (USA)

1990 Heterotrophic Flagellates, University of Copenhagen, Helsinghor (Denmark).



Research experience

October 2005 - present: First researcher at the OGS- Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e Geofisica Sperimentale, Trieste, Italy

July1991- September 2005 Researcher at the Marine Biology Laboratory, Trieste, Italy

October 1985 – June 1991 Fixed research contract at the Marine Biology Laboratory, Trieste, Italy

November 1982-June 1984 Research collaborator at the Biology Department, University of Trieste


Partecipation to many oceanographic cruises (ASCOP, Progetto Strategico Oceanografia, PRISMA1, PRISMA 2, ISPRA)  in Adriatic Sea and to four in Ross Sea – Antarctic (PNRA 1994/95; 1998; 2003 e 2006)


Teaching activity

2009-2010 Contract teacher on Systematic of the alage, University of Trieste

2006-2007 Contract teacher on Ecology, University of Trieste

1993 Teacher in a formative course for USSLL environmental operators (Puglia regions)

1987-2004 Contract teacher on Marine Biology, University of Trieste


Tutor and co-tutors of many thesis, coordinator of professional and research stages


Skills & Interests: 


Research fields and interests

Phytoplankton ecology and biogeochemical cycles in particular researches on ecology, productivity and biodiversity of marine phytoplankton of coastal systems, transitional waters and polar environments. Studies on introduction of alien species through ballast waters. Toxic microalgae and innovative projects on determination of harmful algal blooms (HAB) by artificial neural network. Selection of algal strains and testing growth conditions for microalgae biofuel production and other applications.

Major projects: 


Partecipation to the following main project:

2012-2015 PERSEUS (EU –FP7 project)

2011-2014 ECO2 (EU- FP7 project)

2010 -2013 ENVEurope (EU Life project)

2008-09 Check list of microphyta of the Italian Seas (SIBM –national project)

2008-2010 Ecology of Ostreopsis ovata (ISPRA - national project)

2007-2009 ADRICOSM STAR  (MIATT – national project)

2006-2009 SESAME (EU – FP6 project)

2006 ECOMADR (EU- INTERREG project)


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