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Martina Busetti

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Primo Ricercatore

1990 - Degree in Earth Sciences at the University of Trieste.


January  2009 - present: Senjor Researcher at OGS

January 2000 - December 2008:  Permanent Researcher  at OGS

January 1994 - December 1999: Temporary Researcher  at OGS

July 1991 - June 1993: Grant at OGS

January 1991 - February 1991: Contract  at the University of Trieste

December 1988 - December 1990, and March 1990: Junior geophsycist at the GEXON - International Geophysical Exploration s.r.l., Trieste

Skills & Interests: 

Interpretation of geophysical data (mainly mutichannel seismic) aimed to reconstruction of the geological evolution of the continental margins.

Main areas of interested: Northern Adriatic and  Ross Sea (Antarctica).

Partecipation to nine geophysical and geological surveys in Antarctica and in the Mediterranean Sea, four of them as chief scientist. 

Major projects: 

Project  "Study of the geological and tectonic evolution of the Gulf of Trieste (Northern Adriatic)",  PI and chief scientist during the geophisycal survey with the R/V  OGS Explora in 2009, support by OGS.

Project VECTOR - "VulnErability of the italian Coasts and the marine ecosystems marini to the climaTic changes and their rOle in the caRbon cycle of the Mediterranean", project FISR, 2006-2010. Responsable of the geophysical activity of OGS. 

Convention "Realization of the Geological-Technical Map of the regional Geothermal Resource and definition of the guidelines for its use". Agreement with the Autonomous Region  of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Central Direction of environment and public works, Geological Service, conv. 8443, DD. 24.11.2004.2004-2006. Coordination of activities relating to the interpretation of seismic data acquired in the Gulf of Trieste, 

Project "Framing the kinematics and timing of the Cenozoic tectonics in the Victoria Land/Ross Sea region within the activity of the Southern Ocean Fracture Zones". PNRA Project 2002-2003. Responsible of the OGS Unit and chief scientific onboard the R/V OGS Explora during the Antarctic survey 2005-2006. 

Project VILD - "Role of tectonic events and evolution of Cenozoic glacial landscape of the Victoria Land region". PNRA project 1999-2001. Chief scientific onboard the OGS Explora during the Antarctic survey 2001-2002. 

Convention "Realization of the preliminary study of the deep aquifers of the Friuli plain". Agreement with the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Central Direction of the environment and public works, Geological Service, dd. December 9, 1999, Rep. 7170.1999-2002. 

Project ORCADAS  - "Study of the geologic and paleoenvironmental Cenozoic evolution of the Microcontinent of the South Orkney Islands, Antarctica". PNRA project 1999-2001. Project leader. 


Spoken languages: 
Italian motherlanguage, English (good written and spoken), basic German and Slovenian.