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Michela Vellico

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Dirigente Tecnologo
MBA Master's Degree (II level) in Management of Research Infrastructures (EMMRI), Università di Milano Bicocca, Italy (2019).
Professional Master's Degree (II level) in Open Innovation and Knowledge Transfer, MIP, Politecnico of Milano, Italy (2015).
Phd in Applied Geophysics and Hydraulics, University of Trieste, Italy (2007).
Vocational qualification (Engineer), University of Trieste, Italy (2003).
Master Degree in Engineering for Environment and Territory, University of Trieste, Italy (2003).



Since 2003 working at OGS (National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics) mainly as a Project Manager.

Actual position: Executive Technologist (I level), permanent position.

Italian National Node coordinator of ECCSEL ERIC, the pan-European Research Infrastructure grouping excellent laboratories on CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage).

In-kind collaboration with ECCSEL Operations Centre, located in Trondheim.

Co-vice chair in the ECCSEL ERIC General Assembly.

OGS representative in MARE FVG cluster.

Skills & Interests: 

Good attitude to work in a team and to manage projects (both R&D and industrial).

Major projects: 

Active part in project proposals preparation, related to different national, European and international programmes.

OGS responsible for:

  • ECCSELERATE, ECCSEL and ECCSEL PPII: realization, implementation and long term sustainability of ECCSEL ERIC, a Pan-European Research infrastructure for CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) with laboratories opened to the international scientific and industrial community
  • ECCSEL NatLab-Italy: development of two laboratories in Panarea and Latera, part of ECCSEL ERIC
  • IPANEMA (OR2): implementation of Panarea ECCSEL NatLab-Italy laboratory with highly innnovative instruments
  • CO2 STOP: development of a GIS for the European inventory of CO2 storage capacity.

Active part in national and international projects, related to hydraulics, water management, environment, landslide monitoring, forestry applications, industry emissions, energy efficiency:

  • ENOS: development of surveillance procedures to monitor CO2 storage through innovative and integrated systems.
  • GEOCAPACITY: European inventory of storage capacity, in order to make CO2 storage feasible soon.
  • CO2GEONET: European network of excellence about CO2 storage and monitoring.
  • ENHYGMA: remote sensing methodologies for hydraulic risk evaluation.
  • HYPERDEM: remote sensing applied to the characterization of Sri Lanka shores after 2004 tsunami. 
  • WISELAND: control of slow-moving landslides by means of integrated monitoring tools and remote sensing.
Spoken languages: 
English, level C 1.2 (British School of Trieste – 2007).