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Milena Menna

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2008 PhD in Science and Engineering of the Sea 
Thesis title: HF radar measurement of the surface currents in the Gulf of Naples 
University of Naples Federico II (Italy) 
2004   Degree in Environmental Science
Thesis title: A Lagrangian study of Tyrrhenian surface dynamic
University of Naples Parthenope (Italy)


2018-present:  Researcher at OGS, Division of Oceanography (Permanent position).
2012-2018:  Researcher at OGS, Division of oceanography (Fixed term position).

2008-2012: Post-doc researcher at OGS

2004-2007:  Scientific collaborator at Department of Environmental Science, University of Naples Parthenope

Invited speaker

  • MEDCLIVAR 2018 CONFERENCE, ”Decadal and climatic variability of the Ionian circulation”, Belgrade, Serbia, September 2018.
  • Panelist, Round table discussion with participation from producers and users of ocean products, GlobCurrent User Consultation Meeting, ESA ESRIN, Frascati, Italy, March 2017.


  • Workshop THEMES, Session: Climate monitoring: observations and analysis. 28th-30th Nov 2018.

Guest Editor

Special Issue “Observing the Flow of Ocean Currents and Circulation Using Remote Sensing” – Remote Sensing –MDPI,
Webinars and Seminaris
  • On line lecture: “Surface currents in the Mediterranean Sea” - Advanced Master in Suitable Blue Growth – OGS- 7 March 2019;
  • Seminar “Surface currents derived from in-situ and satellite data” – Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Geoscienze, Insegnamento: Oceanografia, Università degli Studi di Trieste, June 2020.


Skills & Interests: 
  • Study of long-term ocean circulation, mesoscale and sub-basin scale eddies, currents and water mass properties (Mediterranean Sea, Southern Ocean)
  • Autonomous measurement instruments (Drifter and Floats)
  • Remote sensing (satellite data: SLA, SST, Wind product) 
  • Processing and web posting of oceanographic data
  • Elaboration of hydrodynamic and meteo-climatic data
  • Oceanographic cruises (Mediterranean and Black Seas)
Major projects: 
  • CMEMS-TAC-INSITU “Provision of in situ Ocean observation products” – MERCATOR OCEAN 
  • CALYPSO experiment Alboran Sea – CMRE NATO;
  • Argo-Italy – Worldwide in situ global observing system – MIUR;
  • MELMAS experiment Eastern Mediterranean– Office of Naval Research (USA);
  • MOMA Project – Multiplatform Observations and Modelling in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current – PNRA;
  • CINEL Project - Circulation and water mass properties in the North eastern Levantine– Office of Naval Research (USA);
  • Globecurrent – European Space Agency;
  • EuroArgo – Global monitoring of water properties with profiling floats – EU 7th Framework Programme;
  • CALYPSO experiment – HF radar monitoring system and response against marine oil spill in the Malta Channel – European Regional Development Found;
  • ALBOREX experiment – multiplatform and multidisciplinary experiment in the Alboran Sea – PERSEUS project EU 7th Framework Programme;
  • COCES/COCES II - Coastal Ocean Circulation Experiment off Senegal – Office of Naval Research (USA);
  • TOSCA experiments - Tracking Oil Spill & Coastal Awareness network – MED Program.
  • GOCE Italy – Applicazioni geofisiche nell’area del Mediterraneo basate sui dati della missione spaziale GOCE - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana;
  • NEMED – Surface circulation in North-Eastern Mediterranean – Office of Naval Research (USA);
  • TSS experiment – Current studies of the Turkish Strait System – Office of Naval Research (USA).






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Spoken languages: 
Italian- English