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Paolo Diviacco

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Primo Ricercatore



"Geophisics of the Lithosphere and Geodynamics" at the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Trieste discussing the thesis "Advanced seismic processing of CROP dataset in the area of the Tuscan Archipelago, Northern Thyrrenian sea and Sardo-Corsican block"


 --State Licenced Geologist --


--Post Lauream Education--

1.Trainign Course SMT Kingdom (September 2009) (basic)

2.Training Course ESRI in GIS systems (june 2009) (basic)

3.Training Course Fledermaus (march 2009) (basic)

4.Training Course in Remote Sensing, ESRIN_ENEA (december 1996)

5.Training Course in Environmental Management "Progetto Geosophia" SistemForm-UE, (september-december 1994)


--University Degree--

Geology, with theses in Geophysics, got on 11/3/1993 with 110/110 cum laude at the University of Trieste discussing:

1. "Seismic Inversion of the evolution of a basin, quantitative validation of models based on reflection seismic prospecting" .

2. "Implementation of GRM method for the interpretation of refraction seismic data".

Both on the application of computer methods in geophysics


--High school--

                Liceo in scientific studies 

Skills & Interests: 


--Computer experience --

Systems:                            Unix(Aix,Linux,Sun,SGI),X, Win,Apple

Programming:                  C/C++, Visual-Basic, SQL,PHP

Seismic processing:      Focus, Geodepth, kingdom, Promax , Seismic-Unix

Networks:                         TCP/IP(su Unix e Pc), Netbios, Httpd, Pop3, Samba, HTML, LPR, SSH, Vnc




Italian (mother language)

English (good reading and writing skills)

Slovenian (good reading and writing skills)

French (basic)




Collaborative sistems, Ccomputer supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) applied to Geophysics,

Data Management, Web based visualization systems, metadata structures, O&M, SensorML, ISO19115

Seismic data processing, Very High Resolution seismic systems




Major projects: 


  • Since 1/7/98, at Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale (OGS) working on:
  • Web based collaborative data systems
  • Processing and velocity modelling
  • Software development
  • System management


:: Current position ::

Coordinator of the DIAM-PROS unit, which mission is to follow all the steps of seismic data after acquisition: from processing to archive to its valorisation outside OGS.

DIAM-PROS unit process data both for research and industrial purposes within several National and International projects, and has a staff of 10 collaborators from technicians to scientists.


:: Main projects::


  • Principal investigator for OGS within the EU FP7 Project GeoSeas, which aims at building an European wide data sharing initiative in the field of Geophysics and Geology (27 european partners as for example IFREMER, BGS,BGR..). I’m workpackage leader for standardization, development of web based software tools, collaborative software.

  • Responsible for OGS in software development within EU FP7 Project EUROFLEETS, that aims at building an European scale research fleet. I’m responsible for development of a event logger tool that will be used within the infrastructure.

  • Principal investigator for the development of MetaSNAP: Seismic Data Discovery Portal: a meta-engine/aggregator of SNAP web based data portals developed within the EU FP6 project CO2Geonet.
  • Principal investigator for the development of SNAP:  a web based content manager built over SVG technology to discover and access seismic data. Interactive vectorial maps allows for data selection. Seismic data itself can be accessed and viewed interactively (with  basic processing) form the web.  SNAP is used within several international initiatives as:
  •     Seismic Data Library System (SDLS):

International initiative funded by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) aimed at the dissemination of marine seismic data collected by multiple institutions in the Antarctic region.

  •     European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD):

International initiative aimed at the dissemination of seismic data collected by multiple institutions in Europe.

  •     OGS Open Archive:

Web based databank for Mediterranean, Black sea and Antarctic seismic data collected by OGS.

Internal OGS archiving facility for recent datasets (seismic, sidescan sonar, multibeam).

  • Principal investigator for the development of COLLA:  a Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) toolkit focusing on seismic data scientific research. COLLA is used within several internal (OGS) and external projects as GeoSeas and Eurofleets
  • Principal investigator for the project RADA (Reprocessing Avanzato di Dati sismici Antartici) funded by  PNRA (Italian National Antarctic Research Project). The project was aimed at reprocessing (wavelet processing, depth modelling) vintage data in the area of the Magallanes-Fagnano Fault System  and in the Pacific Margin of Antarctic Peninsula.
  • Principal investigator in the development of an internal OGS web based archiving facility for documents and internal reports.
  • Partner of the EU VHR3D (Very High Resolution 3D) project aimed at developing a complete acquisition and processing system for VHR 3D marine seismic data. In particular I developed  COSA: an innovative method for automatic correction of static and dynamic problems due to swell, tides, marine currents and positioning errors.
  • Principal investigator in the development of the CD/DVD version of the Seismic Data Library System (SDLS) an initiative of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR).
  • Developer of a conversion software for Datasonic Chirp II mod CAP-6600
  • Debug of several problems of a “vintage” version of the seismic data processing software Halliburton Galaxi still used within several internal processing flows.

Developer of an internal web based manuals and references portal

Spoken languages: 
Italiano, Inglese, Sloveno, Francese