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Roberto Vidmar

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Collaboratore TER

Amateur Radio Licence in 1974.

Scientific high school degree in 1976.


Technician at OGS since 1984. Seismic analyst, Fortan and DB3 programmer from 1984 to 1989, I joined four Antarctic Research Expeditions working as a navigator and collecting geophysical data. I'm author of a post-processing package of positioning data written in C language using the Apollo GPR libraries in the UNIX environment. From 1993 to 1995 I worked as system analyst on the computer networks of the INTE group and of the R/V OGS-Explora during the Antarctic Expeditions. From 1996 to 2003 I worked on SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) data from satellite, doing first a port of the SAR focalizer and next of the the ISAR package written by the Politecnico di Milano on IBM-AIX platform and next on INTEL-Linux. I'm author of a set of UNIX procedures written in Bash 2.0 language for the management of the GAMMA SAR processing package.

I wrote many scientific applications using the Python language ranging from coordinate conversions from different datums with geoidical correcion, geocoding of hyperspectral images and LAS file processing. I developed also an airborne system for CO2 sampling and acquisition of thermal images. In 2013 I started programming in Python on HPC distributed memory systems for hydraulic and later geodynamic modelling. In 2014 I designed a CO2 sampling system for a drone.

Skills & Interests: 
Ham Radio operator since 1974, passionate DIYer. Track Marshal, Steward and Organizer of sporting car events until 1998.
I write computer programs and applications since 1980. The languages I used are Pascal, BASIC, Fortran, REXX, C, Bash, Octave and Python. The applications range from instruments interfacing to system administration to data analysis, processing and storage.
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Italian, english, german