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Stefano Picotti

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  • Ph.D. in Polar Sciences: University of Siena (20.12.07), “Applications of the seismic method to Antarctic ice-sheet related problems”.
  • 4 years Degree in Physics: University of Trieste (19.05.00). Experimental thesis in applied geophysics: “Subsurface imaging in thrust-belt oil area (Venezuelan chain) from time and depth data migration”.
  • High school: Electronics and Telecommunications, (1993).
  • ENI E&P academic course on the investigation of energy and water resources. DISGAM department, University of Trieste (March – June 2007).


  • Since October 2000 at the “National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics” (OGS –, Trieste, Italy: researcher in the field of seismic data processing, tomography, rock physics and wave modelling.
  • September – December 2000 at ALCATEL s.p.a. (Trieste – Italy): testing operator of opto-electronic devices for telecommunications.
Skills & Interests: 

Research Fields

  • Seismic, GPR and geoelectric data acquisition.
  • Seismic reflection and refraction data processing, tomography, AVO and imaging for crustal structures exploration and glaciology.
  • Development of algorithms for seismic and EM traveltime and attenuation tomography.
  • Implementation of rock physics theories for rock properties computation: static and dynamic elastic properties, pore fluids, anisotropy, and attenuation.
  • Seismic and EM characterization of hydrocarbon reservoirs and saline aquifers for studies related to CO2 geological storage monitoring.
  • Algorithms for numerical simulations of seismic wave propagation in poroelastic and viscoelastic anisotropic (and fractured) media.

Computer literacy

  • Environments: Basic Unix, Linux and Windows.
  • Utilities: Corel, Photoshop, Office, Dreamweaver (for HTML programming), ecc..
  • Seismic commercial softwares: Focus and Promax (seismic processing), Geodepth (tomography and imaging), Tesseral (wave field modelling), Seismic Unix (miscellaneous).
  • Languages: Fortran and Matlab
Major projects: 

         Coordination at OGS of the following national and international projects:

  1. PNRA-WISSLAKE : Subglacial lake exploration in the Whillans Ice Stream region (West Antarctica).
  2. EU-CO2CARE : CO2 Site Closure Assessment Research.
  3. CO2-ENEL : Design of an effective seismic monitoring plan at Porto Tolle (Amedea option).


         Participation to the following national and international projects:

  1. EU-LIFE-CAMI : Water-Bearing Characterization With Integrated Methodologies.
  2. EU-CASTOR : Capture and geological STORage of CO2.
  3. EU-CO2GEONET : NETWORK Of Excellence On Geological Storage of CO2.
  4. PNRA-WISE : West antarctic ice sheet evolution in the Ross Sea.
  5. EU- Co2ReMoVe : CO2 Research Monitoring and Verification of CO2 Geological storage.
  6. ZEPT : Zero Emission at Porto Tolle (Italy).
  7. EU-SITECHAR : Site Characterization for CO2 Geological storage.
  8. CO2MONITOR : Development of innovative techniques for monitoring CO2 storage sites.
Spoken languages: 
Italian, English, Greek