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Stefano Salon

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Primo Ricercatore
  • 2004: PhD in Applied Geophysics and Hydraulics (thesis on large-eddy simulations of oscillatory boundary layers in turbulent regime), University of Trieste.
  • 2000: Scholar fellowship, Ocean acoustic tomography (project TOMPACO), OGS, Sgonico (TS).
  • 1998: University degree in Physics (thesis in atmosphere dynamics), University of Trieste.


  • December 2007 – today: Researcher (staff from 2010) at OGS. Activities: Preparation, management and deployment of an automatic system for the operational, short-term forecast of the Mediterranean Sea biogeochemistry (Projects MERSEA, MyOcean, MyOcean2, MyOceanFollowOn; Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service); reanalyses and climate studies on Mediterranean Sea biogeochemistry (Projects SESAME, ISCRA-MUMEBIES, OPEC); large-eddy simulations of turbulent flows in oscillating boundary layers affected by rotation as prototypes of tidally-driven basins; validation of the regional climate model ICTP-RCM on the drainage basin of the lagoon of Venice for dynamical downscaling of the lagoon ecosystem based on IPCC scenarios (Project CLIMA/DPSIR); e-Infrastructure for scientific communities: Grid integration of oceanographic instrumentation and numerical model (OGS responsible for FP7/2007-2013 Project DORII RI-213110, NA2 WP deputy leader); High Performance Computing for oceanography applications. Technical Responsible of the Mediterranean Monitoring and Forecasting Center (Med-MFC) of the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service. Project Responsible of the proposal “Centre of Excellence in High Performance Computing for the Blue Economy - BluExaFactory” (Call: H2020-EINFRA-2015-1, Topic: EINFRA-5-2015). OGS reference for Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research extraordinary grant for national contribute to PRACE activities. Secretary of the Steering Committee of the HPC-TRES (High Performance Computing Training and Research in Earth Sciences) program.
  • March 2004 – November 2007: Post-Doc at OGS. Activities: Large-eddy simulations of turbulent flows in oscillating boundary layers; analysis of oceanographic and atmospheric data sets; assistance in managing numerical model of the Mediterranean Sea (Projects MFSTEP and MERSEA); climatological analyses of the drainage basin of the lagoon of Venice (project CLIMA/DPSIR); climatology of Northern Adriatic Sea (Project “Climatology and coastal waters quality of Veneto Region; line 3.13” granted by CORILA).
  • January – June 2002: Technical and scientific consultant at OGS. Activities: Analysis of satellite (DAAC-GPCP) and NCEP/NCAR reanalysis data of precipitation and evaporation; evaluation of the hydrological budget of the Mediterranean Sea between 1979 and 2000 (Project SINAPSI).
  • July 1998 – February 1999: Technical and scientific consultant at The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Physics of Weather and Climate Group, Trieste. Activities: Analysis of atmospheric data as output of GCM NCEP model and collaboration in data storage and organization (CNR-GNDCI Project on Mediterranean Cyclones).


  • 2008 - today: Teacher of course "Introduction to Geophysical Fluid Mechanics" at the University of Trieste for the School of Doctorate in Earth Sciences and Fluid Mechanics and at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics for the Diploma Course i Earth System Physics.
  • January – March 2006: Teacher assistant at the University of Trieste for the course in Fluid Mechanics at the PhD program in Environmental and Industrial Fluid Mechanics.
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  • Team work ability grown within the research activity both during the PhD period and the ECHO group at OGS, daily collaboration with colleagues and through organization of scientific events, such as “The 6th European Conference on Ecological Modelling ECEM’07”, held at ICTP (Trieste, 27-30 November 2007) and public dissemination activities (i.e. Open Day 2006, 2008 and Researchers’ Night 2010).
  • Co-Director of the ICTP-CINECA-OGS “Developer School for HPC applications in Earth Sciences” and “Symposium on HPC and Data-Intensive Application in Earth Sciences: Challenges and Opportunities”, ICTP (Trieste, 10-14 November 2014).
  • Component of the Organizing Committee of the Joint ICTP-TWAS Workshop on “Climate Change in Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas: Research Experiences and New Scientific Challenges”, held at CIIFEN (Guayaquil, Ecuador, 7-12 May 2012).
  • Scientific responsible for OGS of project EC-FP7 DORII (2008-2010, grant n. RI-211693), and deputy leader of WP NA2 (Dissemination).
  • Chair of Special Session “ESFRI projects and Grid technology:  how far can they walk together?” at the INGRID 2010 Workshop (Poznan, Poland, 12-14 May 2010).
  • Experience in teaching through the organization (since 2008) of the Post-Graduate Course in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics at the School of Doctorate in Environmental and Industrial Fluid Mechanics of University of Trieste (Earth Science and Fluid Mechanics from 2014), in collaboration with ICTP.
  • Component (since 2008) of the Faculty Board of the School of Doctorate in Environmental and Industrial Fluid Mechanics of University of Trieste (Earth Science and Fluid Mechanics from 2014).
  • Component of the technical OGS group for “HPC, scientific visualization and large geophysical data sets” in collaboration with CINECA. Scientific responsible of PRACE-Italy grant from Ministry of Education, Universities and Research.


  • Daily use of Windows, MacOS (with main programs and applications) and Linux.
  • Programming languages: long-term practice in Fortran; experience in use of data processing software (Grads, Xmgrace, Tecplot, Matlab, Python); experience in Latex; basic knowledge of Linux shell scripts. Knowledge and experience of Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard for parallel programming. Basic knowledge of Grid technology and end-user tools (Virtual Control Room, Workflow). 
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Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service:

MASSIMILI Copernicus Service Evolution:

MyOcean, MyOcean2 e MyOceanFO:




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Italian, English