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Vedrana Kovacevic

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Telephone number: 
320 4644 597

Title of qualification awarded:

  • 1987-1990; Master’s Degree, M.Sc, Postgraduate course in Oceanology (Principals of thermohaline data analysis, principals of marine sciences, computer skills, Fortran Programming Skills), University of Zagreb, Croatia, Level in national or international classification: ISCED5
  • 1981-1986; Batchelor’s Degree, B.Sc, Graduate course in Physics- Geophysics (Harmonic analysis and synthesis of the sea level in a coastal bay, Northern Adriatic Sea, Fortran programming skills), University of Zagreb, Croatia, Level in national or international classification: ISCED5
Occupation or position held:
November 2005 onwards; Researcher, permanent position at OGS
  • Main activities and responsibilities: research in the field of physical oceanography: acquisition, elaboration, analysis and interpretation of the experimental data in the coastal and open sea areas
  • Principal fields of interest: coastal and open sea processes of the dense water formation, sub-basin scale and meso-scale circulation, air-sea interaction, volume, mass and heat strait exchange (Adriatic Sea – Ionian Sea), wind induced coastal circulation dynamics
  • Type of work: field work (oceanographic campaigns on board research vessels and hydrographic data acquisition by means of Conductivity-Temperature-Depth (CTD) profiling instruments);  analysis and interpretation of data acquired by means of CTD and moored systems; analysis of data on marine currents measured by Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers, High Frequency radio systems, point-wise current-meters; analysis of meteorological data from the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting, Reading, UK, and from meteorological stations; usage of remotely acquired data on sea surface temperature and sea level height

September 1993 – October 2005; Researcher, limited-term contracts at OGS

  • Main activities and responsibilities: participation to the international research projects funded by the European Community and funded by the National Research Council CNR/Ministry of Environment and Safeguarding of  Marine territory
  • Principal fields of interest: study of the spatial distribution, characteristics and variability of the water masses in the Adriatic Sea, in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, long -term and synoptic flow variability between the Adriatic and the Ionian Seas
  • Type of work: field work (oceanographic campaigns on board research vessels, ); analysis and interpretation of data on sea temperature and salinity; data analysis of marine currents by moored systems and by Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers, High Frequency radio systems, point-wise current-meters

July 1990 – June 1992; fellowship of the ICTP (International Centre for Theoretical Physics) Programme -TRIL (Training and research in Italian laboratories) at OGS

  • Main activities and responsibilities: current data analysis, temperature and salinity analysis
  • Principal fields of interest: study of temporal and space variability of the marine flow through the Strait of Otranto,  spatial and seasonal variability of the thermohaline field in the Adriatic Sea
  • Type of work: field work (oceanographic campaigns on board research vessels, hydrographic data acquisition using CTD, and eXpendable Bathythermographs), statistical analysis of thermohaline data

December 1986 – June 1990 and November 1992 – June 1993; Research assistant and researcher at Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Split, Croatia

  • Main activities and responsibilities: analysis of the distribution and temporal variability of the thermohaline properties and currents
  • Principal fields of interest: flow variability in the Northern Adriatic, open sea and coastal bay thermohaline properties in the open sea, and in a coastal bay
  • Type of work: field work (oceanographic data acquisition on board research vessels), statistical analysis of the currentmeter measurements in the Northern Adriatic collected during 1978-1986


Skills & Interests: 
  • computer skills and programming using MatLab
Major projects: 

1.        VECTOR 2006-2010, progetto di ricerca nazionale finanziato da MIUR (Linea 6 e 8)

2.        SESAME 2006-2010, progetto internazionale di ricerca finanziato dalla Comunità europea; WP2: “Coordinated acquisition of new multidisciplinary field data in the Mediterranean and Black Sea”

3.        CORILA 2004-2006 (Consorzio per il Coordinamento delle Ricerche sul Sistema Lagunare di Venezia) Secondo Programma di ricerca 2004-2006; Area 3. Processi ambientali, Linea 3.15: Trasporto solido e circolazione superficiale alle bocche di porto e nella zona costiera

4.        “La misura del trasporto solido laguna – mare” 2004-2007, promosso dal comune di  Venezia ed Apat, al quale hanno partecipato OGS, CNR-ISMAR Venezia e Southampton Oceanography Centre

5.        CORILA Progetto di Monitoraggio 2004-2007

6.        MATER “Mass Transfer and Ecosystem Response”, internazionale finanziato dalla Comunità europea

7.        MFSPP “Mediterranean Forecasting System Pilot Project, finanziato dalla Comunità Europea

8.        VOS –MFSPP, finanziato dalla Comunità Europea

9.        ADRICOSM Pilot Project 2001-2005 (ADRIatic sea integrated Coastal areaS and river basin Management system pilot project) finanziato da Ministero dell’ambiente e della tutela del territorio del mare

10.        Primo programma di ricerca CORILA 2001-2003; Area 3. Processi ambientali, Linea di ricerca 3.5 Quantità e qualità degli scambi tra la laguna e il mare, finanziato dalle istituzioni e risorse nazionali 

11.        Otranto “Hydrodynamics and Geochemical Fluxes in the Strait of Otranto” e OGEX “Otranto Gap Experiment”


Spoken languages: 
Croatian, Italian, English